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The Types of Content for Argentina Phone Number

The types of content for blogs can be very varied, ranging from the classic written to more complex content, such as interactive. Understand Argentina Phone Number what each one is about and how you can use them in your strategies. Blogs are extremely useful sources of different types of content relevant to your business.

But do you know what content to post and when to do it?

There are a range of possibilities that can drive traffic to your blog , but they don’t always come to mind when creating materials for your posts. Argentina Phone Number.

It’s important to note that different businesses have different needs, and the content they create plays a huge role when it comes to generating leads and creating opportunities for your business.

For example, a startup with an innovative purpose needs to get leads early in the buying process to nurture them with relevant content until they are ready to close the deal.

On the other hand, an e-commerce has contact with potential buyers long before the purchase journey begins.

Thus, these visitors are much more likely to buy, so they need a purchase incentive and not educational materials.

In today’s article, we’ll give you the 14 types of content every blog should have and help you create your editorial post calendar.

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Types of essential content for any blog
1. Educational blog posts
Posts are the foundation of successful blogs.

If there is something that Inbound Marketing has taught us, it is that valuable and relevant information is never too much.

For this reason, count on educational posts to drive traffic.

In fact, this type of content is excellent for positioning your business as an authority in the market , in addition to helping you get the first places in the search engines, mainly in Google.

A great advantage of blog posts is that they are totally personalized and comprehensive. This makes it possible to cover anything in a blog space, from a short announcement about an event the company is participating in to a long post about SEO, a description of a video or webinar.

When it comes to the ideal word count, there is no size limit.

According to 2020 Hubspot research , to generate leads, an article needs to be 2,500 words long.

This is educational, interactive content that keeps your blog updated, full of new content and receiving more and more traffic.

If You Are Looking to Attract More and More Leads

Ebooks can have the same number of words as a blog post, or even less. However, they are extremely specific and have the advantage of being very useful for increasing the base of electronic addresses.

In 2012, the average word count of a successful blog post was 600 words. Over time, this number has increased so that today, digital books need to be extensive.

In other words , an ebook must have at least twice the average length of a blog post.

These contents are presented in different formats, generally by means of a PDF that can be downloaded by clicking on a link.

We must emphasize that they are virtual books, therefore, we must divide them into chapters to explore the central theme more deeply.

Thus, we can say that the design is the clearest difference between an e-book and a blog post .

Digital books need to be rich in images, graphics, colors and formatting.

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