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That Seem To Respond To The Request Of The User

Everything I explain to you here Linkedin will not necessarily tell you. They direct a lot towards Linkedin Ads advertising and business pages. There are of course other pillars to understand. I talk about it regularly in my community. I also offer strategic appointments on Linkedin over the phone. To contact me: Make an appointment with me Start your exploration by watching: The Linkedin Outsider interviewsGoogle uses the system develope for the AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) format and now selects the elements that seem to respond to the request of the user on the web pages.

Develope For The Amp Accelerate Mobile

Good news for users who can directly access the content they are looking for. Functionality extende to HTML pages When a user formulates a question or makes a specific request, Google does not just list the pages likely to provide an answer. The Czech Republic Phone Number List search engine highlights an optimize extract or “feature snippet”. This takes the form of a frame that can contain text, an image, a simple table or a link to the page issuing the content, locate above the search results. For some time now, when a user does a search on Google.

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Pages Format And Now Selects The Elements

They may see a featuredsnippet appear in position zero. Simply enter a query such as which bank for a professional account ? to see a feature snippet appear . When the Internet user clicks on the link provide inside, he can then see the content of what he is looking for highlighte in yellow on the landing page. The extension of this feature to HTML pages was recently announce on Twitter by Danny Sullivan after a long testing phase. In practice, the operation is identical to what was previously offere on mobile with the AMP system. Feature Snippets source: google A feature that relies on Chromium A help page provide by Google provides some.

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