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Your name is something you show to the outside world every day. The name is reflected in everything you do. If you’re not happy with your name, don’t shout it from the rooftops and miss out on opportunities. This ‘name shame’ in turn leads to cowardly marketing. To dive. You cannot enthusiastically talk about your company name to anyone.

Every day I speak to entrepreneurs who find out after a few years that they have made the wrong choice. Missed opportunity! Should have thought about it better at the start.

Your name is worth so much more

Names determine your search behaviour. Good to experience for yourself. What do you come across in your industry? Look at the names. What do they do to you? Which names would you click on yourself? And which ones not? Being ‘high’ on a search page naturally helps to get clicks. But the name that appears in a search result is also hugely determinative for its success. Say for yourself: would you rather click on plasterer SmeerKees or De Glad Strijker?

So what is a good company name?

I am sometimes approached with fear and trembling by entrepreneurs who have just come up with a new name. “What do you think of… Meadow?” I just don’t have that much of it. My first question is always: who are your customers and what do they think? A company name is not there Controlling Directors Email Lists for you, but for your customers. They should be happy with the name, passing it on to others, looking it up. And yes, Meadow sounds nice but does it say something about what you do? (In this case yes, it is a beach bar on the IJssel).

Controlling Directors Email Lists

In any case, your name should not already exist for a company in the same industry. A well-known example is the company Yoghurt Farm, which resembled the Yogurt Barn that had already been established earlier. Two completely different meanings (Barn = barn and Farm = farm) but of course the judge saw it differently. End of Yogurt Farm.

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Also think about how your name will sound. Take the phone test. Do you have to spell it every time? And do they still misspell your email address? Then you are sure that you have a name with which you run a loss. Because that games costs time and irritation and can even cause the mail not to arrive. With all its consequences

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