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Thinking about passing the test here nearby

In this round of entrepreneurship, there is no teacher’s ready-made store that can be “inherited”, and they have to do it themselves from the site selection.

Because they don’t want to be too far from home, their Poland Phone Number express station is located near the community where they live. In terms of geographical location, it belongs to the fringe urban areas of the new first-tier cities. There are communities, middle schools and villages nearby. Xiaoyu and the others agreed that there should be no worries about people here, and the rent is extremely low, only 10,000 yuan a year.

 It shouldn’t be difficult to make money, right? Unexpectedly, reality hit them hard.

So far, this new express station has only guaranteed about 200 orders per day. It may be a little more during the e-commerce shopping festival, but it can’t keep up with the daily order volume at school.

The problem actually lies in the location they hadn’t paid attention to before.

Where they are now, there are indeed two Poland Phone Number middle schools nearby, as well as a community and a village, but because it is a rural post, the flow of people is not as large as that in the downtown community

Moreover, when choosing the location, the rent of this piece is too “beautiful” compared to the core area in the city. At that time, Xiaoyu, who wanted to save costs, did not take long to finalize the store. Unexpectedly, there are people here, but there are no people who love online shopping.

Because of the pitfalls of site selection, it is not only a small amount 

Poland phone number
Poland phone number

Orders and a low income, but even worse is the handling of customer complaints.

In the past, when I was doing express Poland Phone Number delivery in a university, I faced college students. They understood some normal losses in the process of express delivery in most cases, and seldom messed around in stores.

But in the current store, Xiaoyu said, there are too many customers who are troublesome. It’s not that they are not of good quality, but they just like to admit the truth too much. Whether it is lost or worn out during transportation, they always throw the pot to the courier station.

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