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This B2b Brand Has Reduced Sales Labor

When companies in the B2B industry hold a large-cost offline exhibition. They always expect to receive more valid customer business cards and agree to establish contact with customers. It is best to sign the order on the spot. Most require follow-up.

The 1-to-1 man-to-man model requires a lot of manpower from sales reps, and there is a risk of customer resentment. How can we accurately grasp the favorable impression period? When customers are interested in the brand and take the initiative at the right time? With marketing automation technology, this difficult problem for sales reps can be solved!

Costs By And Increased Lead Success Rate

Here we show you how WeChat marketing automation technology can support B2B sales to more efficiently convert leads into actual leads.

Step1: Set up an exclusive O2O QR code for each sale. Offline exhibition sales are stationed on-site. When a customer is interested, the sales use Austria Phone Numbers List marketing automation settings to bind the customer. To their own name by scanning the O2O QR code, and users also follow the brand’s official WeChat account.

Scanning this step, can not only deepen the impression of potential fans. On the brand in the first place, and improve the fan retention rate of the brand’s official. WeChat but also set up a session or customer journey on the QR code to establish interaction.

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Follow The Official Wechat Account

With fans and get more Fan information records. The potential customer’s action track in the WeChat official account is entered as a label, and the background can also include the information of the scene in which it is located, such as the intended customer of a certain series of products at a certain time period and a certain exhibition. Make the portrait more three-dimensional, clear, and convenient Contact and follow up later.

Each sale can set up a personal O2O QR code, through this QR code, you can follow the official WeChat account and start a conversation/customer journey, etc.

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