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Encountere by companies. It is regularly a lack of knowledge about the role itself. Which hinders the hiring of the right profiles. Then there are the costs of recruitment and the time it takes for internal managers. In the midst of these recruitment issues, companies have no room for casting errors. Skilero recruitment platform. Recruit a digital profile like the community manager. There is of course the possibility of outsourcing its. It no guarantee will come to compensate for the lack of knowledge of the trade which affects many structures. How does the Skilero recruitment platform work.

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Skilero offers to connect candidates and companies via its recruitment platform, which are looking for competent profiles. Entre-deux Skilero will have taken care to test the profiles, thanks to an online quiz base on the skills and knowledge acquired on the job. On a Kenya Phone Number List range of 300 questions, the candidate will have to answer to the best of his knowledge to 60 of them which will be selecte. The questions are generally classifie into several themes and on 3 levels of difficulty. In the end Skilero will assign a score to the profile performing the test, which will position it as a potential candidate, able to meet an expectation.

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Skilero recruitment platform Of course, he will have to obtain the highest possible score on the 60 questions aske. Each question must also be answere within a time limit of a few seconds to several tens of seconds. If the candidate fails the test, he can come back a month later and try again. The idea is to encourage people to study and acquire the necessary knowledge. It is therefore for companies, to compensate for the lack of knowledge of the BTC Database AS trade and to minimize its costs in terms of recruitment. The Skilero test for community managers Skilero recruitment platform: CM testSocial networks have no secrets for him! The community manager or community animator according.

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