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This Week in Content Marketing Spain Phone Number

In addition, the first place In this week’s episode, Robert and I reflect on how Facebook’s dominance in online advertising is likely to grow with the launch of Instant Articles, and we challenge one author’s glowing prediction that it will become the “Pangea of ​​publishing”. We also consider the News Reader that Apple announced this week and how it will compete with Facebook. Honda shows us what happens when an organization pitches a good idea, but doesn’t support it, and pulls the  plug too soon. Finally, we discuss how The Onion handles sponsored content while maintaining its trademark satirical voice.

1. Content Marketing in the News



  • Facebook’s deal with publishers (3:50): as publishers consider the risks and rewards present. By facebook’s instant articles platform, new data from pew research reveals just how dominant. The social media channel is already in digital advertisements. According to this report, 28% of all digital ad revenue already goes to facebook, and. That number is likely to grow as instant articles matures. Robert explains why facebook’s move may be a good short-term move for
    2. Sponsor (38:56)

    This former marketer is by citrix gotowebinar, a do.-it-

  • yourself event tool that projects your message to up to 1,000 online attendees. It features a new report authored by robert rose titled the role of webinars in the buyer’s journey . It covers how webinars can be in various roles throughout the buyer’s journey. Best practices for approaching content by purpose, and why you should the scope of. Using webinars to increase Spain Phone Number your success. Content marketing strategy. Learn more


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3. Rants and Raves (41:07)

  • Joe’s rave: Business Insider has published a profile of Emerson Spartz, who built his first website at the age of 12, and turned it 16 years later into a highly successful online media empire. In the process, he became an expert in using analytics and the principles of human behavior to predict which pieces of content will go viral. I’m with his keen sense of how to create influence and impact at such a young age.
  • Robert’s rave: Robert loves this TweetMyJobs listing for a Chocolate Ambassador at Ghirardelli Marketplace in San Francisco. This person’s job is to “delight and educate customers” – exactly what we’re talking about doing with storytelling in content marketing.


4. This former marketing example of the week (51:27)

  • How to cook this: One of the biggest challenges for marketers and entrepreneurs is how to create a content slant.– a unique and engaging perspective that differentiates it and creates a strong audience. Ann Reardon from Sydney, Australia accomplished this and then some with her How To Cook That website. She started it in 2011, to keep busy while feeding her newborn son at night. She taught herself how to create a website and how to shoot and edit high quality videos. His unique content angle? Create seemingly impossible creations, like baking a 5 pound cake of Snickers bars or creating one that’s a perfect representation of the Instagram logo when you open it.

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