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This Week in Content Marketing The Future France Phone Number

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In this Mother’s Day episode of This Old Marketing. Robert and I discuss what advertising will look like in 2025 and the role content marketing will play in it. We take a closer look at a . Large but disjointed body of research that indicates content marketing has a better ROI than native advertising. Finally. We explain why The New York Times’ growing digital business — soon to hit 1 million subscribers — is a big deal, even as its traditional print base continues to tumble. The accolades and accolades include France Phone Number a savvy cosmetics entrepreneur who achieved success by first building an audience and then selling products, the critical importance of words, and an unexpected birthday present. We end the show with a #ThisOldMarketing example du magazine Good Old Days.


This week’s show

(Recorded live May 10, 2015; Duration: 53:38)

France Phone Number

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1. Content Marketing in the News

  • Mad Men 2025: Ad Executives Predict the Industry’s Future (4:28): As Mad Men wraps up its epic look at agency life in the 60s and 70s, Ad Age has asked today’s agency executives what the popular cable TV show would look like if it took place in the future – especially 10 years from now. Robert and I discuss our favorite agency executive predictions and those that were clearly ironic. What’s surprising is how ad-centric these predictions are; they barely touch on the role of audience development, storytelling, and the future of media over the next decade.
  • The ROI of Content Marketing vs. Native Advertising (10:38): As the effectiveness of outbound marketing continues to decline, more and more marketers view native advertising and content marketing as viable alternatives, according to . A new study by Fractl and Moz. Based on their analysis of numerous data sources, they determined that the average content . Marketing campaign can deliver the same, if not better, KPIs than most native ad campaigns. Robert and I question some of the correlations researchers are making between their disparate data sources. We also discuss what is not on target in their view of content marketing.

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