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TikTok the Chinese TGV of social networks

You must have heard of this social phenomenon that is the “new” social network and application tiktok, in particular with the controversy concerning the takeover of the american activities of the application imposed by the trump administration. As such, oracle and walmart will share the us operations of the chinese social network. What are we doing on tiktok? Users and members record videos of 15 seconds to 1 minute maximum on the rhythm of their favorite songs: choreography, diversion, sketch… With the possibility of adding filters, stickers, 3d masks… Each video can be edited, filtered and modified. “the place to be” for concepts and challenges of all kinds : creativity when you hold us! Brief history, tiktok first existed only in china in 2016 under the name.

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Then the same application was adapted to other markets in the rest of the world with the name “tiktok”. To establish itself more effectively in these new markets, bytedance (the parent company managed by zhang yiming, a chinese serial entrepreneur) acquired, which already had a certain notoriety in europe and the united states, and Georgia Phone Number List merged it with tik tok. Thus began the conquest of the world by tiktok. As of this writing, there are currently over 2 billion downloads and over 800 million active people . The first, near-global lockdown clearly helped tiktok quickly become a juggernaut with over 300 million downloads worldwide in the first quarter of 2020!! ( source digiday ) unheard of! Tiktok, are we going or not? This is the question that a good number of companies and marketers ask themselves when faced with this phenomenon.

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Tiktok has sought its own advertising

Indeed, this question is due to the very young , even superficial atmosphere. That reigns over the favorite application of generation z and millennials. If you are a company doing b2c (for private customers). Your presence can be largely justified, on the other hand if you are a b2b company (for professionals, social selling ), it can be more delicate. Indeed, tiktok is a social network mainly used by young people, so you have to play the game and offer BTC Database AS fun and entertaining content , something that is not necessarily easy when selling technical solutions in telecom infrastructures for example. But faced with the impressive audience figures of tiktok. It is obvious that everyone would like their share of the cake or notoriety! If we go there, as a company, how does it work and how much does it cost.

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