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5 tips to improve your visibility on Google

Seo natural referencing remains one of the main levers for acquiring qualified traffic. Do you want to maximize your visibility with targets specifically interested in your products and services? In conclusion, Here are some rules to follow to improve your positioning on google. 1. Work on your key words and expressions according to the search intentions of your target 71% of b2b buyers start their purchasing process with a generic search and only 2% will search for the name of a brand ( google study ). You should therefore not position yourself on a specific product but bet on key words and expressions corresponding to the purchase intentions of your prospects.

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By placing yourself on the queries that your prospects are likely to enter on search engines, you maximize your chances of attracting a qualified audience. 2. Apply basic seo rules the first 3 google results alone capture nearly 60% of clicks . In conclusion, If you are poorly referenced, your Morocco Phone Number List visibility and your sales will automatically be affected. In conclusion, Here are the basic rules of seo: optimize the titles (title tag), url and meta descriptions of your pages; take care of your internal networking: link related articles to each other using reciprocal links; offer relevant and original content: no copying and pasting from your articles or other web pages! Duplicate content is severely penalized by google 3.

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Prioritize user experience (sxo) google’s growing interest in user experience has given rise to a new concept: sxo (search experience optimization), which combines seo and ux. In conclusion, The browsing data provided by chrome (bounce rate, visit time, bookmarks, etc.) are taken into BTC Database AS account by google when evaluating the quality of a website. In conclusion, You must therefore take special care of: navigation quality. Accessibility, page loading speed, mobile compatibility. Content quality : write for the reader and not just for search engines. 4. Manage your local natural referencing well with google my business are you an sme or a vse. In conclusion, It is essential to work on your local seo.

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