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Carry out this quick little experiment yourself. You have to prove what I said earlier. Take 3 companies of your choice and look at their audience (number of subscribers) and the interactions acquire on their last 3 publications. Be careful, if you take companies that have significant employer brands, this will not be significant. What you will see for Linkedin business pages and in most cases is a fairly limited audience. You will also be able to see that the interactions will generally be very low on the latest publications. I therefore invite you to write down your figures and we will compare them later. Now take Linkedin.

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Personal profiles with reference to these companies. It can be the founders, marketing directors, communication, HRD, etc. Then observe the same indicators as before. You will mostly see that for personal profiles, the audience will be much larger Namibia Phone Number List among ambassadors. You will also see a much more significant level of interaction. It even happens that personal profiles have a larger community than the company page to which they are attached. Example: The Linkedin company page of the 1m30 agency has more than 5,000 subscribers, while one of the ambassadors has more than 31,000 subscribers on his.

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Personal Linkedin profile. It’s easy to find if you search a bit and it’s the same with the contents. Especially since most companies only copy/paste the latest news from their website. There are many examples to disassemble this. I invite you to BTC Database AS discuss this point with me in private on Linkedin: Julien Pibourret 3. The consequences of advertising for business pages On this professional network, the operation remains the same as on the other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). The reach of business pages is plummeting with a very low Reach. . You should know that there are several business models on Linkedin. Of course there are premium profiles as well as advertising.

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