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Graphics and texts are the main force supporting the entire WeChat public account, and its update frequency is often much higher than the welcome journey and menu. You must know that pictures and texts are the soft assets of the brand micro-official website, which can directly prove the professionalism, business ability, and product value of the brand, and reflect the customer’s satisfaction from the side (such as text comments, customer case pictures, etc.). Therefore, while ensuring the update rate of graphics and texts, the brand must also ensure the quality of the text.

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Although the community does not belong to the WeChat official account in a strict sense. It can help brands improve the ecology of the official account. Achieve the humanized effect that customer service. Of the official account cannot achieve, and achieve a more intuitive fan group management. Now more and more brands will create a WeChat New Zealand Cell Phone Number List official account marketing combination of official account + community, and set up community portals in the official account menu, pictures and texts to attract fans of different attributes to enter different brand communities. For example, some brands will place corresponding community QR codes in different types of images and texts: product images and texts place community codes related to product knowledge, solutions and customer case images and texts to match social media in different industries. group code.

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With Less Effort Reprinting Is Prohibited

The above is all the practical experience sharing of how brands build a micro-official. Website in the formulation of WeChat official account marketing. If you want to know more strategies, techniques and methods of user portrait. WeChat marketing, B2B marketing, group segmentation, please fill in the form below for detailed consultation.

In China, WeChat is one of the most effective marketing channels, and WeChat marketing is already very popular. Many B2B companies have invested a lot of manpower and material resources for this, but they often have little effect.

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