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After all what problem do you want to solve in marketing through digitization, cost reduction, efficiency increase or innovation? Behind each purpose, the “North Star Indicator” is different. In short, digital marketing is not a one-step process, but a step-by-step process. The first is to help pharmaceutical and device companies build confidence with continuous success; the second is to form a team collaboration process and a reusable marketing mechanism through reusable methods. Realize a closed-loop marketing with traceable data, precipitation of content, and analysis of channels.

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For example, Lilac Garden cooperated with a pharmaceutical company on a spiritual product labeling system project. First of all, it is a psychiatric product. In addition to the name of the drug, it can also be associated with keywords by category, such as Ivory Coast Mobile Number List indications, diagnosis-related, disease manifestations, corresponding patients, doctors’ behaviors, and related content. Based on these Keywords, match static tags and dynamic tags, and then screen out target audiences, potential audiences and opportunity audiences based on the tag system, and then Lilac Garden will establish a brand penetration funnel (AIE marketing strategy) to screen out brands with high interaction, high value and Retaining users with high loyalty, locking and serving these users well, can better increase the market voice of this psychotropic drug.

Ivory Coast Mobile Number List
Ivory Coast Mobile Number List

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How to check that the final retained user is a high-value potential doctor? Lilac Garden mainly judges and verifies through the three main dimensions of doctor’s participation, doctor’s cognition and doctor’s willingness. How to serve these high-value potential doctors? Lilac Garden Club will launch the Internet celebrity doctor training program through Internet celebrity doctor training courses, exposure of popular science articles, live broadcast exposure of popular science propaganda, online consultations and prescriptions, etc., through content learning and traffic support, to improve doctor users on the C-side Influence.

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