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To Simultaneously Improve Communication Efficiency

Both the B2B enterprise marketing department and the sales department are committed to continuously creating business income for the enterprise. The cooperation between the two departments is very important. The close communication and cooperation between the two departments will greatly improve the company’s sales force. The functions of enterprise WeChat approval, reporting and customer contact can establish a unified automated management process, making the marketing department and sales department more effective. The cooperation between ministries is closer, more timely, and more effective. The marketing team communicates high-quality and detailed information about potential sales opportunities to the sales department, and sales can establish effective one-to-one communication with potential customers and follow up in real-time on WeChat.

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A well-known B2B company uses corporate WeChat, and the marketing department provides customer information support to the sales department to achieve refined customer management. The B2B enterprise marketing department uses the “Set Management Rules” function to subdivide various types of customer information into sales personnel so that they can view and manage various customer situations and follow up in real-time.

Sales staff can use various functions such as “Share Peru Cell Phone Number List customers to other members” and “Enterprise message” to keep in touch with customers. If sales use WeChat to communicate and manage customers, it is really inconvenient for multiple operations. Moreover, WeChat and enterprise WeChat accounts will exist in the customer’s address book at the same time, which will lead to confusion on the communication platform, incomplete and incoherent chat records, and affect the quality of service. And enterprise WeChat cleverly solves this problem. It not only facilitates service and management but also strengthens the connection with customers.

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WeChat, as the main sales channel for B2B enterprises in China, can better support B2B sales. With the addition of enterprise WeChat to the ecological chain. The JINGdigital platform can provide one-stop WeChat sales platform solutions, including integration. With B2B companies’ existing customer databases. WeChat sales platform data analysis, personaliz customer journeys, and sales tools. You can click to go to learn more about how to operate. A valuable business WeChat account or fill out the form below to learn more.

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