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For fans who follow the official account through different channels, the brand can set up a personalized interactive journey, that is, first send a welcome message with the fan’s nickname and related to the source of the fan to shorten the distance with the fan. Then push content that has a certain appeal, and guide fans to send messages to the official account to get the information they are interest in. We take fans who follow the official account through the “Official Account Search” channel as an example to show you the specific welcome journey process. As far as chatbots are concerned, according to their functions, we can divide them into three categories: entertainment, and content distribution.

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First of all, the automated journey backstage recognized that a fan had followed through a search on the official account, and then sent the first message to greet him cordially. After 3 seconds, continue to send the words to guide the fans to reply to the message. The words mainly include four parts: topic introduction, introduction of incentives, prompt Argentina Mobile Number List reply keywords, and keyword list. When fans are interested in one of the keywords and related materials, they will reply to the corresponding message. So far, the brand has successfully converted it into an interactive fan of “48 hours, 1 minute + 23 messages”, and can conduct more long-term in-depth communication.

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Personalized Welcome Journey Triggers

In the example in the figure below, after the fan replies to the keyword Demo, the brand’s official account sends the material link corresponding to the keyword to the fan, and the fan can watch the Demo video after clicking the link. At the same time, at the end of the interaction, the brand sent it a retention form – if the fan is willing to learn more about the brand’s products, he can directly click the link to open the form H5 page and leave the information, waiting for a one-on-one with the brand’s SDR.

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