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Influencers into their strategy . Sometimes companies do not hesitate to hire people whose only activity is to find ambassadors. 2018 trends? The 2018 trends in this sector should evolve: Thus micro-influencers should be more solicite. What is a micro-influencer? A micro-influencer has a certain influence and attracts between 1,000 and 100,000 followers (community of followers). It is generally much more affordable than the big influencers, or macro-influencers, who are more considere stars. Even if they have a small community, they tend to have a higher engagement rate, with a better.

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Relationship and a greater referral potential. In fashion, for example, micro-influencers are relatively numerous. Longer content but more relevant! Even if snacking content (short format) has long been the most use format on social networks, the 2018 trends will be for long formats. This will extend the experience, certain information andor offer Macedonia Phone Number List richer content. Twitter has move to 280 characters . Similarly, in-depth articles are regaining an important place on blogs and the media. This is also the case with Snapchat, which has just launched its new “long form” advertising format, which allows you to broadcast long videos or Stories often made up of multiple snaps, to link to articles or web pages with.

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longer content.  In terms of SEO, we will not be outdone with what happens. Trends 2018 – SEO 2018 trends? Content optimization and the search for new positions will be the areas to work on. Using a netlinking strategy in view of the many platforms that are rising, it would be appropriate to work on this axis. With social networks offering to BTC Database AS share denser content, it will be a question in parallel of considering the relevance on the one hand, but also the frequency of publication which could interfere with these new standards. Can we still say that quantity should be a determining factor? If we consider it within a content yes.

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