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Top Tactics to Ensure Successful Client Canada Phone Number

Top Tactics to Ensure Successful Client Prospecting

Now, let’s share some tips so you can get the best results from this entire process of prospecting clients.

Dedicate yourself to research

The seller wants to sell. He wants to talk to leads right away to offer them the company’s solution and win a sale. It is in its essence!

However, one of the keys to successful prospecting is before any contact with the prospect: research! Many people neglect this step, but this is one of the pillars of the business approach.

This is the time to dig into the prospects. Research the business segment to familiarize yourself. On the company website, state the that your solutions can meet.

Research the social networks of Canada Phone Number decision makers to better understand how they behave and express themselves, and thereby create empathy in the initial contact.

With this information, you can also qualify leads to identify who is more valuable to your sales team. Answer the following questions:

Is the prospect  with your ICP?
Are you available (time and budget) for a sales process now?
Does it have the maturity and ability to extract value from your solutions?
Who are the decision makers of the company? Who else is in the purchase?

The more information you have, the more you can optimize the approach. You’ll be better to address the lead’s pain points and respond to any objections they have.

Prioritize to optimize

Now that you have a deeper understanding of prospects, you have a lot of networking to do. But which ones are most likely to close a sale?

Start with them so you don’t waste effort or burn out approaching key prospects.


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This step can be known as lead scoring

It consists of establishing a score for prospects according to their potential to become customers.

The criteria for this vary, but an interesting way is to define the variables that are important to your business (size, maturity, budget, etc.) and their weight in the evaluation (10%, 30%, etc.).

Then assign each lead a score on each of the variables. From there, you can sort the leads to start contacting them.

Prepare for the approach

You already have all the information you and you have already the best prospects. Now is the time to get in touch with them. So get ready!

Try to make a script to start the conversation. Define the main questions you are going to ask and the main objections that the lead may have. Then you will already have an objective answer in your hands.

An important piece of information is that most potential customers want to discuss pricing and how the product works on the first call.

Don’t sell on first contact

Okay, that’s not a rule. Some products may benefit from a hard sell approach that focuses on selling from the first contact. B2C sales that prioritize volume, for example, often need to get right to the point.

But in general, prospecting should go down the path of building relationships with prospects to gain their trust. People want to be heard and receive relevant information more than they want to be pushed to buy at all times.

HubSpot research has shown that this is what consumers expect from sellers for a better shopping experience :

Source: HubSpot

Therefore, the first contact should be more friendly. Whether by email or by phone, use the following tips:

emphasize that you them to help, not to sell;
customize the approach with information you’ve already collected ;
be relevant and offer solutions to the needs of the prospect;
humanize your speech and avoid standardized phrases (which look more like a robot).

Remember that it is time to establish a connection. So if you want to build a relationship of trust, you need to show that you care more about the prospect’s success than your sale.

Build Your Credibility

When building relationships with potential customers, the salesperson must be seen by them as a safe source for answering questions. Even after the sale, the customer often comes to him to solve a problem.

Therefore, the seller must develop his credibility to convey trust.

To do this, you can explore social networks and participate in communities and forums of the area of specialization. LinkedIn, in particular, can help you build your professional image. Participating in events and taking advantage of them to network are also efficient ways.

So when you stop being just a salesperson and become a referral to prospects, you are more likely to close the sale and get referrals.

His Step Can Be Known as Lead Scoring

Don’t be afraid to chase prospects after the first contact. Selling requires perseverance! But some sellers may give up on the first no or feel thinking they’re inconvenient.

Keep in mind that many customers are waiting for your return: studies show that

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