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It is best to share something if you get something in return, such as relevant content. But do you want everyone to have access to your data?

  • The fact that more tha said ‘no’ to the question of whether apps can track last year answers that question.
  • The GDPR came into effect in May 2018. The visitors of NPO Start and NOS were asked: ‘Do you want to see personalized advertisement

The system is too developed and vulnerable to abuse. In addition, these kinds of scores show that the consumer wishes otherwise. And we can handle data differently.

2 examples: sales without cookies

The solution lies in content. Don’t look at who’s behind the screen. Look at what’s on the screen, the environment. Do it the smart way:

  • If someone watches ‘Farmer Wants Woman’, the related content is not ‘Cows, Horses and Farms’. Rather ‘relationships and love’.
  • Last year, some athletes were not allowed to participate in the Olympics due to covid. Related content is not necessarily ‘sport’ but ‘health’ or ‘corona’.


A test with bicycle manufacturer Gazelle gave an interesting result. Gazelle wanted to achieve national coverage on sites of regional public broadcasters with online video.

We distinguished 2 groups: consent (with cookies) and no-consent (without cookies).

That was the only variable. Furthermore, the A and B groups were the same, so the type of device (mobile or not) was Sales Directors Email Lists also in balance.

Sales Directors Managers Email Lists

The no-consent group clicked more consciously and stayed longer on the Gazelle site. This indicates that the no-consent group was more interested (and therefore more valuable) than the consent group.


We did a similar test with garden machine maker Husqvarna. Now with display ads on regional public broadcasters. In doing so, the possibilities for targeting were taken into account.

For the no-consent group, we looked at the environment (such as domains and topics). We found the consent group through an IP address, the no-consent group through place-related content that was viewed, such as news from a specific cit

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