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Totally captivates and amazes the eyes of its viewers when did anamorphism arise

Surely heard of. Next we are going to discover everything about the trend of anamorphism that has been present in our society for many centuries. Let’s get to know the definition of the term, its history and something that will undoubtedly surprise you: examples of brands that use anamorphism in their designs as a strategic resource to attract their target audience. But before we begin, what is anamorphism? An anamorphism is a visual distortion on a plane that generates an optical illusion.

An effect that totally captivates and amazes

This is produced by Lebanon Phone Number means of a curved mirror or a mathematical process, in such a way that it is only possible to appreciate the image if it is observed from a different point of view than usual. At this point the real image is reconstructed, being recognizable  by our mind. It is a technique that undoubtedly revolutionizes the creative landscape as we know it. An effect that totally captivates and amazes the eyes of its viewers when did anamorphism arise? One of the biggest curiosities about anamorphism is that, despite being a trending visual resource, its origins are not current as we think

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One of the biggest curiosities about anamorphism

It has been used for thousands of years and despite existing for so long, it is now that the world of design has made this visual strategy a more current tool than ever. Inesem business school course in graphic design (university degree + 8 ects credits) more information anamorphism is born in ancient greece . At that time there were few lucky ones who could understand this, since it was a technique that required extensive knowledge in the artistic and mathematical fields, as well as many hours of research and practice. Since its birth, the evolution of this technique has been exponential.

Renaissance artists applied anamorphism to the decoration of large religious buildings. Vaults, chapels, altars,… Were painted with strange images that forced the parishioner to stand at. An exact point to be surprised by the resulting image. The purpose was to achieve a sensation of great depth and immersion. Of dazzle and discovery, always with a mystical sense of faith. Another very illustrative example of this same period is. The famous work of “the ambassadors” that is in the national gallery in london. A mythical renaissance work by

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