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You’ve probably seen it before, the products at the top of Google when you search for a product. Without even clicking you can immediately see whether the product is something you are looking for and whether the price is okay for you. In a society that is becoming increasingly oriented and expects transparency, it is only logical that Google Shopping has such a presence and scores high in many marketing departments. Are you curious about how you put your products in the shop window of Google? Then read on quickly and learn the 4 necessary steps.

How does Google Shopping work?

In short, Google Shopping is Google’s sales/comparison platform. You can promote your products within the Shopping views through Google’s Merchant Center, or through any Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) affiliated with Google. This is for a fee or via organic views. 

Google shows matching products based on the search query (practically just SEO at product level) from all stores that are affiliated. Often 6 to 9 products are shown as standard. On desktop often right next to the search results and on mobile directly at the top where you can scroll through horizontally. These are shown from Shopping ads via Google Ads.

There is also an option to go to the separate view of Google Shopping by clicking ‘Shopping’ below the search bar. The organic results (free) are also shown there and you can also see all the results that Google has found.

In this way, the searcher has a direct overview of all products and ‘Window Shopping’ takes on a new dimension. The searcher’s orientation is increasingly and longer on the Google results page and no longer on the website that offers even more products.

What are the benefits of Google Shopping?

The biggest advantage is that you put your products directly in the shop window of Google. This way the searcher knows Canadian CFO Email List immediately whether your product matches the intention he has. Google Shopping is more attractive to view in this regard due to the visual nature of these advertisements.

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The cost per click (CPC) is often lower than, for example, text ads. The impressions, on the other hand, are a lot higher, because more advertisers are shown. Also just from the same advertiser (as opposed to text ads)! The Click Through Rate (CTR) from the higher impressions is therefore lower. However, the clicks you get have a higher chance of conversion. Because someone immediately sees whether you have the product they need, the purchase intention is a lot greater.

Also read: Because you still pay per click, you have your visitors at a lower cost with a higher purchase intention. This in turn results in lower costs per conversion. Google Shopping does not exclude Search Ads, of course, a combination always works well. The more you are shown, the greater the chance of the click. And as mentioned before, if you don’t get the click, you don’t pay either. An old-fashioned example of if it doesn’t help then it doesn’t hurt.

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