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Ultimaustomer Experience From Other Top Retailers In The Netherlands

The boundaries between digital and physical, work and home have become blurred. It is up to retailers to create a customer experience that understands the consumer, aligns with where he or she is in the buying process, and at the same time suits the consumer in all areas and keeps him or her interested and happy.

Those who don’t will quickly realize that consumers faced with more choice than ever before will simply walk away if they experience a moment of frustration. Convenience and ease of use is what the customer experience is all about. Even Google’s new algorithm is prioritizing experience as a measure of how online content should rank.

In this article you can read a number of examples of the top retailers in the Netherlands, who are creating a unique step in customer experience that the consumer will remember.

Omoda Green Ecommerce

 is a family business that is very aware of the impact on future Bahamas Phone Number generations. It has therefore been making progress in the field of sustainability for some time now. One of their initiatives is the . A reusable packaging with a nice appearance that is super easy to return.

Consumers who place an order for which the is suitable are offered this sustainable option. They pay 4.95 euros in deposit and receive this back after returning the box. So do you like the shoes? Fold the box and throw it on the mailbox. Easy as that!

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Coolblue conversational commerce

At they do everything for a smile. We all know this saying all too well. A statement that fits their mission to offer total solutions with their own supporting infrastructure Conversational commerce has not gone unnoticed either.

A good example of this is the service they provide when purchasing a new dishwasher. As a customer, do you not know how big the dishwasher should be and whether it fits where you would like it to be?  offers you the opportunity to make video calls, so that you can see what fits best in your kitchen together with an advisor. You choose the best dishwasher and  has made the sale. Win-win for both parties!

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