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As a digital marketer, in addition to being familiar with the rules of the WeChat platform, you also need to have a structured awareness to understand the user life cycle, customer journey, and common channels for digital marketing. Starting from the potential customer funnel model, business goals, reaching people, and publicity media all need to cooperate well in advance, and do a good job in every contact point with users.

In addition to WeChat paid advertising, non-advertising media such as official websites, emails, text messages, and phone calls are all that every B2B company needs to focus on and explore. Taking one of these media to the extreme can bring unexpected marketing effects. Common digital marketing channels include: search engine PPC advertising, SEO, ASO, display advertising, social media advertising, official website, content marketing, telemarketing, email marketing for marketing automation,etc.

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It is equally important to expand the publicity of the brand’s WeChat official account and to continuously update the content. The reason is that more and more people like to search for articles on WeChat. We can compare the brand WeChat official account to Saudi Arabia Cell Phone Number List the official website of the mobile phone. The brand can choose more formal dry goods such as solutions, reports, white papers, and cases in the updated content. High-quality content, even if the reading volume is not high, will attract people with the same frequency; over time, there is an opportunity to poke at the pain points of customers and generate sales leads.

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Use group labels skillfully for long-term precision marketing. Group tagging is that the MA tool uses the online behavior tracking function to record users’ behaviors such as clicking on links in emails, visiting web pages, and sending keywords, and then labeling these users one by one. Marketers can group leads based on tags to better maintain lead relationships. Additionally, marketers can set up alerts for SDRs and sales to track leads in real-time. A complete labeling system, clear data, and complete and clear user portraits can help enterprises to deeply understand users, tap more needs, promote conversion, and fully tap user value.

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