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Using Open Source to Rebuild Voter Confidence in Us Elections Nigeria Phone Number

The 2020 presidential election has roiled the United States on the other side of the Pacific. The legal battle has spread to the states and even the supreme court. And has become a source of uncertainty for global unrest. But is there any way to keep trump from making unfounded remarks like “They stole the election”? Open source might help. Votingworks . A start -up company “Graduated” from the well-known venture capital accelerator yc . Started in rural mississippi and tried to use open source. Technology to improve the voting process. According to techcrunch. They can even build services using existing hardware.

Do You Know Linux

Maybe you Nigeria Phone Number are the most in-demand talent during the epidemic The uncertainty of the COVID-19 epidemic has brought many changes to the global software industry, one of which is the greater demand for open source by enterprises. Techhq cites a report from the linux foundation.Stating that more than three-quarters of companies expect to increase the use of open source technologies within their companies. And 93% of employers believe that open source talent is in short supply. The companies also pointed to areas such as linux, devops, cloud. And security as their greatest talent shortages. With 74 percent of employers citing linux as the most lacking skill in hiring. Arrow_forward_iosunderstand more powered by gliastudio. Shutterstock_1122916613 photo credit: shutterstock / dazhi images corporate crazy open source.

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The Ambank Experience

One of the largest banks in Malaysia , is one of the latest to join the open source bandwagon.According to an article on computerweekly.Com, ambank’s coo, iswaraan suppiah. Pointed out the importance of open source in a redhat forum in kuala lumpur. He believes that many of the bank’s services have not yet been digitized. But during the epidemic, customers cannot visit the scene in person.And the demand for digital services is increasing. Among them, kyc (literally translated as “Know your customer. Which is also quite annoying in taiwan. The banker’s background check on the customer’s net worth when opening an account is a part of kyc.To prevent customers from opening an account for money laundering). Hich is exactly one of the goals of ambank’s digitalization. One. Ambank is currently working with redhat. But they are not exclusive of looking for other vendors that offer enterprise service solutions.

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