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It is frequent on the highway. Once again you are stuck behind a ragged van in a traffic jam and you start to read the text on the back out of boredom. Plasterer De Smeerbeer. “How do they come up with it?” You grab your phone and share the name with your followers. The internet is Compliance Directors Email Lists full of hilarious company names, but is that also the path you should take with your company name?

Compliance Directors Email Lists

For many starting entrepreneurs, it is living hell: coming up with a name for your company. At first you think ‘how hard can it be?’ Until after many brainstorms you find out that it is complicated. Of course you want a free domain name for the website. Unfortunately, that nice name is already taken. And this one too! Sh*t, there’s even a competitor there. If you have finally found a free domain name, it turns out that there are still all kinds of laws and regulations for names. Many names are registered and therefore also ‘occupied’. You would almost stop doing it again.

That stop happens regularly. Not that no name is chosen, that’s just the way it is. But a name is ‘just’ chosen. Something that was still free. Something not too complicated. Difficult to spell. Incomprehensible. Or just your last name. Is that so smart? How important is that name to your business?

Your name is the core of your business

A well-known example of philosopher Yuval Noa Harari is the Peugeot brand. We’re doing a little thought experiment. Suppose today all Peugeot cars would suddenly be gone. Also the factories, offices, employees, advertising… Everything from Peugeot has disappeared and will not return. Then you and I can still talk about Peugeot. All I have to do is say the name and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. That’s the beauty of a company name. It only takes one word to open up a whole world. How beautiful is it when you have that word in your hands?


Your name gives you self-worth

Your name is something you show to the outside world every day. The name is reflected in everything you do. If you’re not happy with your name, don’t shout it from the rooftops and miss out on opportunities. This ‘name shame’ in turn leads to cowardly marketing. To dive. You cannot enthusiastically talk about your company name to anyon

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