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Tudent this is precisely what you have been implementing for several weeks. However, the results are long overdue and you begin to despair of your presence and your visibility on this platform. The requests for exchanges in private message can be counte on the fingers of one hand and those having resulte in a collaboration or recruitment equivalent to zero. First, know that Rome was not built in a day. It is therefore necessary to show patience and perseverance. But maybe the way you use LinkedIn just doesn’t match your goals. Your content may not be hitting its target. At least the one you identifie.

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But how do you know One way is to take a look at the Social Selling Index (SSI) . A performance indicator made available to you by LinkedIn. It measures the actions you take. and can make you progress on how to apprehend the platform. This is precisely what we will see in this article. We will also see how to quickly improve your Social Lithuania Phone Number List Selling Index . If you apply these few tips, you should be able to see a significant difference in a very short time. But before that, if you’ve never heard of SSI, here’s what you nee to know. Definition of the Social Selling Index (SSI) As mentione above, the Social Selling.

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Index is a performance indicator offere by LinkedIn . It has existe since 2015 and assigns each user of the platform a score out of 100. The idea is to measure the impact of your actions and your likelihood of triggering professional opportunities. In a way, it measures your strategy for using the social network and helps you stand out on LinkedIn . 4 categories come into play in your SSI score: how you build your professional brand. the strategy put in place to find BTC Database AS the right people. How you share your information. And how you build relationships. We will see, a little further down, what all this corresponds to. Where to calculate your SSI? To be able to obtain your SSI score, even if it seems logical, you must.

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