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You to contact me directly on Linkedin in private, if you have any questions on this point. I don’t always recommend it. Everything will depend on your problem. Linkedin contact business opportunities You can therefore reach your target and this is one of the benefits of Linkedin. You will say to me: “ OK but, I don’t want to go on this platform. I’m already on Facebook and other social networks I’m often aske this question. I will give my position on this crucial point later. It is above all a question of having a good reasoning. Simply outsider reasoning. 2. Linkedin: A social network for doing business Linkedin is a.

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Professional social network perfectly adapted to develop your online business. It is also essential for all those who work in B2B. Besides, it is essential to work on your visibility and influence to stand out on Linkedin . A business dimension to assume Let’s not be Namibia Phone Number List naive in our approach, we are on Linkedin to do business. We are not philanthropists. I had not perceived this dimension at the start before exploring this incredible platform. The synergies that you will create will really be in this perspective. There is a time to discover your target and another to convert it. It is this time that you will find on a daily basis on Linkedin. We are on a network designeprimarily for professionals. You can focus on this dimension.

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Investing time on Linkedin also means interacting with people who have the same concerns as you. No talking for the sake of talking and blah-blah. Rather see how BTC Database AS collaboration can be establishe. I want to be more specific. The prospects you are going to identify are well aware that this umpteenth connection is intereste. Linkedin a social network for doing business Let’s take on this goal. Within the Francophonie, we are less comfortable. If you look at the Unite States and the Anglo-Saxon countries, the difference is real. We are here to do business without pretending. This brings me to another important point for you. More profitable customers If you have a business on the.

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