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It is essential to share quality content or risk damaging your reputation. Your content should indee be interesting but also contain well-thought-out keywords. They will indee be useful to get you notice on Linkedin. But also on other search engines. There is a real paradox linke to influencers today. We can see that since the war wage between. Rap icon and a person who would claim influence in France. Influencers take it for their rank. Fake news in shambles and a world of influence that we do not seek to better understand. Apart from what the media will serve people and especially young people. Reports and speeches on the subjects of influencers in recent months have only focuse on people from reality TV.

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But are they really influencers. Where do they come from and what is their expertise, their passion, their talent etc. A short trip back in time to the late 90s and back to the present. To see how influencers are perceive today. The influencer at the end of Thailand Phone Number List the 90s! At the end of the 90s, blogs were born and many fifty-year-olds today could tell you about them up and down. I am one of those representatives, where only the terms of bloggers, enthusiasts, but also experts for many of them, existe. We absolutely did not speak of the word influencer, which was still fully associate with the opinion leader. The golden age of blogging At the time, brands were beginning to see the potential of blogs and the qualification of.

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To Influencers Today We Can See

Audiences on the web This was enough to develop a parallel business on the web in addition to the communications found in the press. You could already say that at the time, it was about content creators and that you also had to be an expert in specific areas. I think back to BTC Database AS the beginning of mobile telephony and the first tests that were found among expert bloggers. The influencer in the late 90s If the bloggers were poorly paid, at the expense of the products that were provide to them free of charge, the majority had a job on the side. It was not yet a professional business, which could bring.

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