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The JINGlead marketing automation platform provides automat and interactive services for official accounts. Providing convenience for brands to conduct multi-scenario personalize interactions. With fans in the WeChat environment, making the official account. A customer-orient intelligent entity, that helps companies achieve one-to-one precision marketing. By outputting valuable content to users, it can enhance. The trust between brands and fans, and improve the reach rate of WeChat public account marketing. Holographic user portrait. When a brand optimizes its official account, it must make users feel it. That following is “useful”, such as what help or support users can get after following it because generating continuously. Value for users is a source of stable exposure.

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On the one hand, users can get services by following the official account. On the other hand, by continuously receiving news, users can better understand brands and products. Therefore, the click, reading, and message data of fans in WeChat can be made into SCRM to generate sales leads, so as to continuously output valuable content for users. JINGlead not only provides a platform for Malaysia Phone Number List integrating the basic data of potential customers, but also can generate holographic user portraits to help operators understand the specific preferences of potential customers at the first time, and divide groups according to user behavior trajectories, so as to push different information to different groups of people. The value brought by the push is maximiz.


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The above is the sharing of how to improve the marketing efficiency of WeChat’s official accountFor more enterprise WeChat marketing customer acquisition and automat marketing methods, please fill in the form below, and a professional will contact you at that time. However, since there is such a shortage of menu slots and copywriting words. What should the brand do when the number of fans reaches a certain scale and it is bound to be difficult to talk to each other? First, fan groups can be consider, and then different personaliz menus can be display according to the preferences of the corresponding groups, so as to maximize the limit menu resources.

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