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How To Do B2b Wechat Marketing

In addition through online activities (such as H5), it can be allocated to the corresponding sales according to the information dimensions input by the user (such as: location, product line). Sales take over, and gradually upgrade potential customers to order customers in a 1:1 dialogue mode in the official account.

According to Tencent’s report for the second quarter of 2022, the monthly active users of. WeChat have grown to 1.299 billion, so in such a huge traffic position. It is a challenge for marketers how to conduct marketing that integrates quality and efficiency. Many B2B companies have invested a lot of manpower and material resources. In WeChat marketing very early, but most of them have little effect. In response to this problem, JINGdigital. Based on its own experience, analyzes the WeChat marketing of b2b companies for everyone.

The Positioning And Function Of Each Link

WeChat is not a simple marketing channel, but a marketing system composed of multiple channels with different positioning. It needs to be interpreted and planned from an ecological perspective, including WeChat subscription account & service account, video account, enterprise WeChat, applet, etc. The marketing needs of enterprises in the Canada Mobile Number List public. WeChat ecosystem includes brand building, content marketing and user cultivation. B2B enterprises have the characteristics of high customer unit prices and long transaction cycles. Therefore, JINGdigital believes that the focus of B2B WeChat marketing is to open up domain traffic and private domain traffic, focusing on user retention, activity and conversion.

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Of Wechat EcologyDetailed Explanation

After understanding the positioning and role of each link in the WeChat ecosystem, the role scenarios they should play in marketing are also more clear: subscription accounts should realize information transmission and content marketing; service accounts should realize business services and user management, and convert fans from anonymous users. Converting to real-name leads is a very important part of WeChat marketing. Which is generally achieved through service accounts. Video accounts focus on video conveying brand professionalism and value; corporate WeChat focuses on enabling sales; mini-programs are positioned in application services and O2O fusion.

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