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Take a large-scale digital marketing summit held by JINGdigital in July as an example. The summit set up a conference-exclusive menu for the guests. Personaliz menus are set up through the JINGlead menu module, and equipped with exclusive QR codes. As long as the guests scan and follow the official account, they can get the customized menu for the summit on that day, including the three major sections of “Beautiful photos of the conference, live broadcast of the conference, and knowing Jingshuo”, which will help the guests to quickly familiarize themselves with the summit process and have better users. experience.

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The community market is developed on the basis of the community marke and social media market. Community marketing can communicate more closely with users. The common social marketing of ToB companies is WeChat group marketing. Which can be South Korea Phone Numbers List us to attract traffic through self-media and WeChat public accounts. For example, the employee’s corporate WeChat can be plac at the end of the official account article. The community entrance can also be plac in the custom menu. Fans who independently add to the brand community through the above methods usually have extremely high loyalty. In this way, community members often have the same goals, attributes, and life cycles, which not only help brands reduce community maintenance costs, but also repeatedly reach and cultivate to maximize the value of each group member.

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Of Wechat Public Account Marketing

Figure: Community Portal in the Personalized Menu of the Official Account. Personalized interaction enhances user experience. How to easily and efficiently realize the personalized interaction between the brand and potential customers? Set welcome words after potential customers follow.

After potential customers follow the official account, JINGlead will send a personalized welcome message based on the potential customer information. After the welcome message is issu, some people will make further interactions. Such as clicking on the welcome message or the links. In the personalize menu, pictures, texts, files, etc., or scanning the code.

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