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Pushing content accurately for users is the only magic weapon to increase user interaction stickiness. The operation of B2B company’s brand official. WeChat often has problems such as the inability to provide personalized services to fans, resulting. In low fan survival rate and low reading rate of pictures and texts. The first task in solving these problems, then, is to define the target audience and understand it. Their main characteristics, social behaviors, consumption patterns, and what are the main trends within the group. Second, understand their behavior on WeChat, what kind of content they interact with, and what are their peak activity times on the platform in order to deliver the right message to them at the right time, and businesses need to try to create a very Detailed target audience personas for complete personas.

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Bas on your user profile, you can do back-end segmentation on the WeChat marketing platform, or use the WeChat CRM system to share different WeChat articles to select audiences at different times. The user’s action track in the WeChat public account is record in the form of tags to make the portrait more three-dimensional and clear. Then according Belgium Mobile Number List to the different user tags in the system, WeChat fans can be group into groups, and customiz pictures and texts can be push to them, such as products of interest, preferential packages, etc. Enterprises can operate more conveniently, screen high-quality potential customers more quickly, and improve the retention rate of fans.

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In order to maximize the advantages of the WeChat marketing platform, companies will invest a lot of manpower and time costs, which makes many companies daunting. Now, JINGdigital marketing automation technology is a unique and good helper for enterprises. It can be appli to different scenarios to help enterprises acquire customers, and improve marketing efficiency on the basis of reducing labor costs.

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