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Every marketing project must have objectives, right? However, we understand that these are not always easy to create, measure and monitor.

Therefore, Any business project, be it sales, marketing , HR, legal, among others, is based on objectives that must be met to reach a Benin Phone Number goal, right? However, to achieve them it is necessary to first determine if they are achievable and, of course, measurable.

The problem of indeterminate or, in some cases, unattainable goals is not exclusive to your company —if you are going through it— and, to solve this problem, there is no better solution than relying on SMART goals.

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SMART or “intelligent” objectives is a methodology that prioritizes the determination of team goals based on strategically chosen objectives that are achievable by the organization.

In other words, they identify those essential points for the advancement of the group based on specific conditions that can serve as a growth map for the company.

SMART is an acronym for Specific , Measurable , Attaible , Relevant , and Timely .

What it means is that what SMART goals are looking for is a choice of business goals that are:

Specific : that are directed towards a particular area or task.
Measurable : based on company KPIs that serve to measure efficiency and improve decision-making.
Achievable : thinking about the current situation of the organization to ensure a high probability of success.
Therefore, Relevant : that is, they are of real interest to the company and guide it towards greater growth and evolution.
On time : with an expiration date.
What are SMART goals for?
The methodology is capable of guiding an organization towards various benefits such as:


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Prioritize the Important Over the Urgent

Therefore, Many companies that we see out there base their day-to-day operations on “putting out fires” that occur in their processes. These organizations, by occupying an important part of their resources in urgent tasks, forget to invest in what will make them grow instead of sustaining themselves.

SMART objectives in this sense, help to identify those initiatives that have to be out, how and for what purpose.

Thanks to this, a manager or decision maker will be able to focus their actions on the things that will give results, preventing daily distractions from causing a waste of resources that lead nowhere except failure.

widespread control
Therefore, By being clear about the objectives that will lead the company to success, you will be able to distribute the material, human and financial resources exactly in the actions that will benefit your organization.

Something that will give you greater control of the economy of the company and the human talent available.

Improve profitability
Any business out there seeks, whatever it may be, its profitability.

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