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What is Pay Per Click Marketing

Analyzes the acquisition of the company overture, a pioneer in the inclusion of pay-per-click advertising, by yahoo! In 2003 for 1.63 billion dollars. The investment paid off, as pay-per-click advertising generated more than $9 billion in revenue in 2004, according to internet world stats . By then, yahoo! It was no longer the only company in the pay-per-click advertising business, but it saw huge profits from the overture purchase in a short period of time. Today, more and more companies are looking to implement cheap but lucrative pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and are looking for tech-savvy, traditionally-trained marketers to spearhead them.

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What is pay per click marketing? Pay-per-click (ppc) is a method of acquiring advertising space on internet platforms, taking advantage of organic search terms on web search engines. Advertisers pay the owners of web space, such as a search Sweden Phone Number List engine results page or a specific web page, a certain amount of money each time an internet user clicks on their specific ad. This process takes many forms and has evolved since this technology was first introduced at a ted conference in 1998 by idealab founder bill gross. Return on investment in ppc with the right price per click, the right ad placement, and the right number of clicks earned, ppc can deliver an impressive return on investment (roi).

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Who uses pay per click marketing

According to calculations provided by , it is very easy to analyze costs versus benefits in the pay per click model. A company can control exactly how many people react to their ad by setting a maximum number of paid clicks, and simply BTC Database AS monitoring how many of those clicks turn into sales. Using an equation that includes the number of paid clicks, cost per click, average sales price, and customer conversion rate, calculating roi is simple arithmetic. Search engines like google and bing are some of the most popular providers of ppc advertising space (see also search marketing ). Instead of placing their ads on specific web pages where they might find customers, advertisers make deals with search engine platforms.

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