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What is structured data and what is it used for?

What is structured data and what is it used for?
When you have a website, an online store or a blog, using structured data is essential to. Achieve a good position in Google and other search engines.

Without them, it is highly likely that your efforts to develop quality content, with good SEO, will be useless and your content will not be located in the positions that the page deserves, despite having other SEO optimizations.

Structured data is HTML code intended to be interpreted by Google. Giving the user a better browsing experience, since the results will be relevant to. The search criteria.

Learn more about what structured data is and what it is for in this article.

Structur data is HTML code that is plac at the beginning of a website’s URL, and with it Google can analyze the content and interpret the structure of that page. All URLs must have a different HTML to be able to position themselves in the various search engines in the first positions.

To understand it a little better: if you search, for example, for hotels in London,and put “London hotels” in the search engine, Google will identify those pages. That have identifi”hotel”, “London”, “prices”, “valuations” (A perfect example is

When Google presents you with the different

Positionweb pages , it will offer you a list where different options will appear, and you will be able to see which one is closest to what you are looking for. That makes you go directly to the pages that interest you.

In other words, they help you decide Israel Phone Number whether or not you are interest in the content of a certain web page . When a result does not offer enough information, it forces the user to enter or choose another result that does.

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Without them, as we said, robots cannot correctly interpret the content of a web page and ultimately, your site will have no less chance of appearing in searches. In short, structur data serves, among other things, to help search engines understand content.

There are basically two formats for structur data markup in URLs: microformats and Schema markup.

What are microformats
HTMLMicroformats assign special values ​​to certain attributes of HTML/XHTML tags (specifically the class, rel, and rev attributes). They depend on the type of information they identify.

At the same time, each type of information

Will have its specific properties to identify the data (for example, being able to identify the locality in a postal address). This is what has been call “semantic web”.
Do you want an example? Let’s see. We see that with microformats each label has a meaning and the form is standardiz to make it easier to understand. In the example, a miniblock with personal data is being given.

The first line, “contact”, identifies the information (what type it is), which in this case is the name of the web page; then there are other codes. That identify each type of information, such as the name of the company, that of the person in charge, the email and the address.

As you can see, each identifi data must be surroundby HTML tags , indicating its quality with the attribute of those tags. But don’t worry. You don’t have to master HTML to be able to handle it. For this,

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