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What is telemarketing and what are the benefits you get

Telemarketing, also known as telemarketing, is one of the forms of direct marketing, where a consultant uses the telephone to communicate with potential clients. Where through said communication, it commercializes the products and services. How can you identify your potential customers? Potential customers are identified by various means through their purchase history, surveys, participations, among others… Also, you can buy the names of other companies’ databases. This process could say that it would be feasible to find potential customers, having the greatest chance that they will buy your products or services. It is said that, in the old days, telemarketing consisted of companies that only made phone calls to customers.

Receiving calls: this process is different

Although as technologies advance, telemarketing has evolved, even including video conference calls (although this way is especially for existing customers). In general, this tool for offering products and services is used constantly. Characteristics Cambodia Phone Number List of telemarketing telemarketing is an information channel, a means of communication and one of the best ways to sell your products and services, just like radio and television. The telemarketer is no longer a salesperson, but an advisor. All depending on their role in the company (business, financial, publicist, among others). Before, telemarketers were sellers who were in charge of offering. Products and services, without having. The responsibility of caring about the needs of consumers.

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The function of receiving calls is to collect

Ultimately, the advisor’s job is not only to sell as in the past. But to understand and adapt to the needs of the clients. Where they have the maximum responsibility to advise them and give suggestions for the solutions they present. Difference between BTC Database AS telemarketing and telephone sales telemarketing 4 telemarketing and telephone sales are different methods, which should not be confused. What you must understand is that telemarketing is a cold call. Where in the first call you will only offer and obtain. Information that is useful for telephone sales. Call broadcast: the company is in charge of looking. For its clients so that it can be in contact with them.

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