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What Preparations Do Tob Companies Need

For SCRM system technology developers, what they need to do is to continuously explore the needs of customers at the “S” level, so that more functions that meet socialized scenarios can be implemented on the enterprise WeChat platform, integrate user data resources, and form users’ “touchable” The positive closed loop of acquisition – precipitation and planting – purchase conversion – retention and repurchase” allows enterprises to use the SCRM system to play with the customer’s private domain traffic pool and establish a more intelligent and efficient new marketing relationship. Help businesses improve user conversion.

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Enterprise WeChat SCRM has a flexible customer allocation mechanism and diversified marketing and promotion channels. Enterprises can use technology to integrate customer traffic from different channels into enterprise WeChat for management; it can integrate multi-touch customer data and set customer tags. Accumulate user portraits, and hierarchical Russia Mobile Number List management guide users to convert layer by layer. Taking JINGdigital’s enterprise WeChat SCRM tool – JINGsales as an example, after opening the enterprise WeChat, official account, and CRM system, sales staff can view the status, behavior and portrait of potential customers in real time, receive interactive reminders, and easily share dry goods content, so as to realize Closed-loop management of customers under the name of enterprise WeChat. In particular, the high-value behavior of customers (additional purchases, multiple browsing, etc.) will be directly notified to the sales, as the basis for manual one-to-one intervention services, and promote the process of converting potential customers into customers.

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What Should I Know Before Wechat Scrum

For enterprise users, the biggest accessible benefit of enterprise WeChat is to help cultivate private domain traffic. Businesses can prepare as follows.

Open corporate WeChat as soon as possible. The trend of user capitalization is getting stronger and stronger. Open corporate WeChat as soon as possible to establish the credibility of the brand in the WeChat ecosystem. Take advantage of the customer delivery and maintenance advantages of enterprise WeChat to avoid customer loss caused by personnel turnover.

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