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When Shinzo Abe first took office as prime minister

When Shinzo Abe first took office as prime minister, he officially promoted to the cabinet as Minister of Internal Affairs and responsible for the privatization of postal services. Then in 2012, after Abe became prime minister for the second time, Yoshihide Suga officially appointed as the chief cabinet secretary, known as the “other half of the prime minister”. So far, the number of consecutive days in office the same as that of Abe, both exceeding 2,800 days, which considered to an unbreakable record. Criticized backroom consultations According to Japan’s domestic politics, as long as the president of the party appointed, in principle, he will the prime minister of course after appointed by the Diet.

Yoshihito Saga’s competition in the eyes of Japanese political circles

Is considered to “stable Kuwait Phone Number election”. One of the big reasons that this presidential election will adopt a voting plan under a state of emergency. The emergency voting bill convened by the Liberal Democratic Party members of the Senate and House of Representatives (394 votes), and the Liberal Democratic Party in each of the 47 prefectures (141 votes), a total of 535 votes elected.

However, according to the usual practice, the presidential election voted by the members of the Liberal Democratic Party (394 votes) and party members in both houses (394 votes), a total of 788 votes cast, but the operation time and cost more expensive, and the Liberal Democratic Party has differences of opinion. . Including the political star Shinjiro Koizumi, etc., all believe that in such an emergency, the voices of all party members should listened to and the traditional plan should adopted. But in the end, the Liberal Democratic Party still adopted the emergency bill.

As such the factions of members of Congress and county representatives

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Are important. At present, among the seven major factions of the Liberal Democratic Party, there are already five factions and a total of 284 people who have expressed their support for Yoshihide Suga. In this way, after Yoshihide Suga officially stated his position, the number of votes he could get almost certain to be substantially more than half. As a result, this presidential election also criticized by some party members as “secret room negotiations”. In particular, Shigeru Ishiba, who running for president, has a high reputation among party members.

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