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Hours of glory on TV Some have persiste but on closer inspection. We discover people who are hollow and devoid of any ethics or morals. It is therefore only the lure of profit and nothing else that drives these pseudo “influencers. Small influencers: micro-influencers It is often in them that we find authentic influencers. Because many do not live from the influence they have through their passion. As soon as a source of income from work. Other than that relate to influence is proven. Ethics can remain intact and the choice of partnerships according to the affinities of the influencer. It is only when he becomes more.

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Professional that it becomes difficult for the influencer to refuse a job while maintaining an ethic or a position. This in no way detracts from a job that Vietnam Phone Number List can be done well, but the relationship between the product and the influencer can sometimes be completely out of step. We note all the same that the influencer must embody the brand at least, depending on the product and the campaign carried out. YouTube hi-tech influencer There is therefore a lot of work on the search for influencers by brands so as not to be mistaken in profiles on operations. As for influencers, there are a lot of parameters to consider; the fields, the actions carried out, the brands for which they work, etc. Not everything is about taking.

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Check and then moving on to the next one. An influencer must enjoy creating content and be in tune with their partner brands. It is a sensitive subject where it is sometimes very difficult to establish boundaries where sincerity reigns. However , micro-influencers are the right profiles to bet on and many will create value-added content and allow brands to do smart BTC Database AS business. Big influencers: macro-influencers The lure of profit is often obvious with them, especially when we see some of them trying out anything that can generate cash; video, music, travel, video games nothing escapes it. There is already a fact with macro-influencer profiles , it is the agents or agencies that manage them.

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