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If you grab the photo opportunity too late, your photo will show how much longer it took you. This has happened to me a few HR Directors Email Lists times as well. And if you miss it completely, you won’t be able to see your friends’ BeReals. In addition, you will eventually have a nice diary of all your photos taken per day.

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Authenticity on social media

This app responds nicely to a trend that goes against the perfect pictures on social. Usually my feed is mostly filled with just perfect faces of people having a great time, with beautiful pictures and enviable videos.

My feed on BeReal is now refreshingly different: filled with photos of ordinary living rooms, sleepy faces, messy desks, couch hangouts, and I even came across a photo of someone sitting on the toilet. Because yes, that is part of a normal day.

Tips for using BeReal

Keep in mind that you give this app access to send you a push notification, and that can come at times when you don’t want it. My personal tip is to check whether you also share your location. I had it turned on in the first photo, and that’s accurate to the street. You may not always want that.

I really liked using the “realmojis”: selfies emojis. So you portray yourself that you are happy, surprised, sad, or that you give your thumbs up.

Conclusion: is BeReal worth it or not?

My conclusion after a week of trying…? I’ll leave it on my phone! I find it refreshingly authentic. In addition, it takes less than a minute every day, and in that time you also build a diary with everyday moments. I do think it is not an app that is suitable for everyone. So I’m very curious if you’ve already tried it? And what are your findings? Be sure to leave a comment!

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