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Agile scrum, systems thinking, data science, co-creation… trends in market research come and go. Sometimes they are permanent, because in practice they prove their added value time and again. And some trends make you wonder whether they are still about market research at all. High time for a check of the state of affairs in market research. Today’s 5 trends.

Trend 1: increasingly complex issues

The traditional approach is no longer sufficient now that issues are becoming increasingly complex. Transition issues are, for example, tough multi-headed monsters. Classic, planable control will not work then. Design thinking methods can deal with this. They help to realize change from the core of the problem. By providing issues with a new perspective, these methods break through administrative impasses.

Knowing is more than measuring. Market research was mainly thinking in terms of cause and effect. Reality is no longer a serial process. Consumers are becoming increasingly critical and the importance of inclusiveness, sustainability and responsible business is increasing rapidly. The provides a clear picture of this increase. These developments Purchasing Directors Email Lists ensure that issues that organizations struggle with are becoming increasingly complex. An eye for the environment is self-evident. More and more companies are even going a step further by making a strong statement about social issueis becoming increasingly important.

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Broader role of market research

The increasingly complex issues require a different approach from market researchers. Such as, for example, gaining insight into the chain and the environment of the client before an investigation is started. This requires market researchers to visualize the context during the research by zooming in and out and by entering into discussion with a wider field of stakeholders. The approach is mostly non-serial. Investigating a complex system requires trying, testing and sometimes taking a step back and then taking two steps forward. On the basis of workshops or consultancy, market researchers think along in the steps after the research to help the client to anticipate the rapidly changing world.

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