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If you offer a reward to the first person to enter the portal and get the requested information, no one will complain. Monetize videos with subscribers subscriptions You can charge users a fee to watch your streaming videos. The rate could be weekly, monthly or per broadcast event. This method is viable only for creators with content so compelling that people are willing to pay to watch the videos. Users who pay for the subscription must have certain benefits, such as access to special content and avoiding advertising. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not available to everyone. Not even YouTubers with a long time on the platform.

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Shelby Church For her part, the influencer and youtuber Natalie whose channel exceeds 240,000 subscribers, claims to have earned around $27,000 through Google AdSense in the last two years. But Google’s monetization system is just one of Image Masking Service many. Let’s look at the alternatives available to you to monetize your streaming videos. Monetization methods These are the most effective methods to earn money from your live broadcasts: Advertising It is the most popular method to make money from streaming videos. Each platform sets its limits of subscribers and views so that a video can be monetized. Youtubers prefer advertising monetization since the user does not have to pay anything, but only enjoy the content.

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However little thoughtful conventions and traditions that respond essentially to the interests of the System have progressively transformed this logic until reaching the current understanding (profane from every point of view. On the other hand, it is BTC Database AS not about advocating any magic formula that provides money without effort. Work is essential to get what you need and want in life. And the work demands the investment of time, obviously. But it is precisely this last thing that should be done when necessary: ​​investment of time, and intelligently, not spending it as if it were endless. Manage and accumulate time, not money. In this way you will know the value of people’s lives and genuine wealth.

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