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Connect with the internal CRM of the enterprise. Enterprise WeChat currently provides. APIs to help enterprises share CRM data, and avoid the drawbacks of extensive. WeChat personal account management and helps enterprises efficiently handle customer problems and promote transactions.

Do a good job in the WeChat circle of friends of the enterprise. Enterprise WeChat endorses the enterprise, and the brand credibility is blessed. Which will gain more trust from users. The newly opened Moments function of Enterprise WeChat is an important step in the enterprise WeChat ecosystem. The team can design the content of the circle of friends according. To the company’s product direction, and distribute. Them in a unified manner, or distribute them individually for product promotion.

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Personalized use of corporate WeChat personal introduction page. The personal introduction page of enterprise WeChat is very different from personal WeChat. It displays the company name, personal name, service details, etc. Can also associate with the company’s applet, video number, and image and text links. All the above functions can be configured in the enterprise WeChat background.

Make good use of labels and get twice Senegal Mobile Number List the result with half the effort. Enterprises can filter WeChat tags through the JINGsocial crowd function, delineate target groups and synchronize to enterprise WeChat, enabling sales to provide personalized services. At the same time, it supports automatic tagging of users, multi-dimensional improvement of user portraits, and highly integrated data from other channels and platforms of the enterprise.

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Under the background of the era of big data, the development of enterprises is more dependent on efficient and intelligent tools and means. Building an enterprise WeChat SCRM system is the need for future enterprise development, which can help enterprises achieve efficient coordination of internal organizations and effective connection with external customers. Better To operate well, serve well, and manage customer resources well. If you are interest in more enterprise WeChat SCRM-relat content and tools, please fill out the form below and someone will contact you.

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