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WordFence Security Multipurpose Security Plugin for WordPress

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about wordpress is that we, as bloggers, have a responsibility to keep our blogs fast, safe and secure… We have the power to make the changes we see fit. A blog is the home of a blogger and it is our job to keep them as our homes, safe and secure. In particular, when you are running a multi-author wordpress blog, the role of ensuring the security of your blog becomes even more important. Today i will share a plugin called wordfence security . It is a wordpress security plugin that performs multiple tasks. Wordfence security plugin features: wordfence is a free plugin , and it also comes with upgraded payment options.

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The free version, however, is enough to keep our website secure. There are many interesting paid features available: country lock. Remote scan. Programming scans. Again, the free version is quite extensive and will provide a lot of security for your wordpress site. This is what you Colombia Phone Number List will get in the free version: set a security level in one click. With one-click security, you can set what level of security you want for your site. For example, wordpress blog owners who are under heavy attack can set their security level to “critical” . Email alerts. Here you can set your notification options. I usually set it for some scenarios like “alert on critical issue”, “alert on warnings” and “alert when an admin user logs in”.

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Live traffic view. This is a useful option, but i wouldn’t recommend enabling this feature for a high traffic site. Virus scanner. The wordfence scanner will scan all your existing files for any malicious code. Also, it will allow monitoring of any recently added files. Firewall rules. This is BTC Database AS useful if you want to control bot access to your site. Login security features. If you use any login security plugin, you can get rid of it! Wordfence can be configured to send you notifications for any user who logs into your wordpress dashboard and can issue locks from login after (x) failed attempts. Another useful feature here is that it won’t reveal valid usernames on login error. Additional wordpress security options.

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