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WordPress Super Cache Plugin Settings and Configuration Guide

In the list of the best caching plugins, wp super cache is one of the most recommended for its functionality and simplicity. Unlike w3 total cache , which requires advanced configuration, wp super cache is just plug and play. Why do you need the ‘wp super cache’ plugin? Whenever we talk about performance in wordpress, we know that caching mechanisms help a lot to save server execution time and reduce the total load time of a page. A plugin like wp super cache creates static pages of your site , which reduces the service time of the web and also makes fewer php calls; without caching your page, load times will increase significantly. Having a caching mechanism in wordpress (especially if you are on shared hosting), is essential for the proper functioning of your site.

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If you are using a lot of plugins, you may also have load time issues. Wp super cache is one such plugin, which helps you optimize your database by generating static html files that are used to serve the request. This way, when any page of your blog is requested, static pages Chile Phone Number Listone Number List will be served instead of processing all the php scripts. In particular, in shared hosting , where there are many limitations, the best advice is to optimize. Your wordpress blog before you end up crashing your server. Or your blog starts showing page load errors . How to install and configure wp super cache: as i mentioned earlier. Wp super cache is a simple plug and play plugin and you don’t need to configure anything.

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I will show you my wp super cache settings, you can copy it and use it for your own website. First, install the wp super cache plugin from your wordpress dashboard or from here. Once installed, you need to enable caching in settings > wp super cache . They offer a lot BTC Database AS of features, but for non-techies, this will get you started: easy cache enabled update status advanced options the cache accesses this website for quick access. (recommended) use mod_rewrite to save cache files. Recommended) mobile device compatibility. Click “update options” . If you get an error like “difference in mod_rewrite” or “.

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