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Networks is therefore essential if you want to. Reach  year olds and especially. The youngest among them. However The  professional network. LinkedIn, should not be overlooke. The social network has more than 14 million profiles in. France and young people are increasingly present there. This despite an average connection time of barely 17 minutes per month. How to use social networks to attract Millennials? They have generally been traine in the use of. This tool and are use to looking for work there.Communicating through it and developing their network. Since Viadeo has been in sharp decline for several years, LinkedIn remains the No. 1 professional network to choose from.

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Step  Create an employer page The first thing to do is to create an employer page on the various social networks. This is the showcase of your business. You can take advantage of this space to present your projects, your corporate culture, your opportunitie. so much relevant information for all young job seekers! Step 2 : Share ads Once your employer Iran Phone Number List page has been created, you can publish your opportunities through advertisements (sponsored or not). The advantage of social networks like Linkedin or Facebook is the possibility of carrying out very precise targeting, ideal for reaching a young target. Linkedin makes it possible in particular to refine a target audience on trades and socio.

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professional categories. Facebook, for its part, offers a multitude of centers of interest which will be as many elements to finely target Millennials. The different steps to recruit on social networks Step 3 : Use search tools Social networks are also great sourcing tools as they represent a pool of potential talent. Do not hesitate to use the advance search tools BTC Database AS available to find the profiles you are targeting. Some social networks like Twitter allow you to search for profiles by the hashtags mostly use in their posts. A good way to detect talents who position themselves on a universe or an expertise that they promote.

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