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In a past survey report on C-level (enterprise management), CMOS had the shortest tenure. With an average of 3 years, and only 10% of CMOs felt that they could gain the full trust of the CEO. Nature and diversity go hand in hand. In the B2B industry, is different from the impression. That the sales department is a revenue-generating department, everyone’s impression. The marketing department may include. The “shadow” of the sales department, the content production line, and the money-burning department does not see direct returns. These may be caused by the disconnection between the marketing department and the actual customer needs and the failure of cooperation with the sales department.

How Marketing Departments In B2b Enterprises

In fact, after buyers educate themselves through a variety of information when they first encounter sales, they are typically 80% complete on their buying journey.Over time, the marketing department will produce out-of-the-box content, create useless customer growth strategies, and even turn a blind eye to the sales department. How to optimize Nepal Cell Phone Number List customer growth strategies and convert customers more efficiently requires keeping up with market and business trends to systematically formulate market-enabled sales cooperation strategies.

In the previous article, we mentioned that potential customers can obtain a lot of high-quality information related to purchasing, and the traditional buyer who knows nothing no longer exists.  And as clients educate themselves, they spend.

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At the same time as the role of sales is changing. The role of the marketing department must naturally be adjusted according to the needs of potential customers. It may be transform from the role of a pure content producer and sales support. To a more versatile provider of automated and accurate content. The need for role adjustment will inevitably restructure the new sales and marketing department cooperation. Process and set new common goals to achieve the sales and marketing department alliance in the information age. Therefore, to sum up, the main contradiction of B2B enterprises in the Internet age is how to adjust. The cooperation strategy between the internal market and the sales department according. To the increasing convenience of potential customers to obtain high-quality procurement information.

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