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Yet understood the real interest, if not to impres Building a network on Linkedin is meticulous work which, in my opinion, must reflect your expertise. That is to say that your work must attract people to you, so that you can build a qualitative and why not quantitative network in the long term. It is essential to stand out on Linkedin because it is not a question of being an expert in everything! A network is a group of people with diverse and varie qualities and skills, complementarity is therefore essential. So you will have more active profiles with which to interact and people who will engage in return on your.

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Content In the same way, you will be able to solicit them more easily insofar as these people will have come to you. 5. How to interact on Linkedin? If you expect others to interact with your content do the same with theirs. To emerge on Linkedin, it is not only a Malta Phone Number List question of sharing content. It is necessary to introduce oneself into the debates, to enrich an exchange, to nourish it and to bring out new questions. Show your interest and your desire to learn when you are in the learning phase. Also give when you areexpected. Respond to polls share by members of your network, if relevant. In turn, use them sparingly if.

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It can bring you a real plus. Ask questions, source on a specific subject and deliver your points of view, your opinions Feed your own questions if they generate comments and all the more so if it turns out to be relevant. Be available and respond to direct requests. Leave doors open on subjects that you master. Linkedin is a breeding ground for BTC Database AS engagement if you regularly interact with your community. Gradually you will gain recognition and your expertise will emerge. Interact on topics and ask questions related to your expertise Interacting on current topics or simply asking a.

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