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LinkedIn users If the crisis has caused an indigestion of webinars for some. It should gradually smooth out, with fewer “polluted” this network well. The low average time is explained by the side considere “not fun” by young people. Which, however, is not the goal of LinkedIn or any professional network. LinkedIn Key Figures 2019 Source: Mounir Digital Have an attractive profile on LinkedIn Gone are the days of paper resumes. Today, it is the profiles that detail the information on the candidate to be recruited. Nearly 92% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find their employees. But during their search, the first thing.

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That attracts them is of course the presentation of the profiles. The LinkedIn profile: The basis for a good start To attract recruiters, you first nee a profile photo and a cover photo that can give clues about your industry. Similarly, the title and the title Malaysia Phone Number List of the profile must both be catchy. LinkedIn profile source: LinkedIn In the Summary part of your LinkedIn profile, it will be necessary to be clear and concise. Talk about your search for new opportunities and your experiences. You must use a convincing style base on figures of your achievements and professional successes. Use action worms, not a passive form. LinkedInSummary Source: LinkedIn Avoid giving information that is irrelevant to an employer in long sentences.

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In order to be reference and even to be found from Google, use keywords having a direct relationship with the activity with your strengths. It is essential not to focus only on diplomas! You must be able to sell your personal image to recruiters. You have to BTC Database AS put yourself in the place of the recruiter and understand what he is looking for. LinkedIn background and training Source: LinkedIn Also calle personal branding ”, image work requires: The work of commercial relations; relationship marketing; The sense of responsibility and rigor in the work. If you can reconcile everything that has been discusse, you will be more successful in your job interview . Optimize the presentation of your skills on LinkedIn You must fully present your qualifications and experiences on LinkedIn.

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