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Notices you It’s like in SEO. I much prefer to work on content, improve it.Optimize it and position it. Constantly producing content and never. Having good positions on Google will lead nowhere. SEO is a very similar job, because it also consists of emerging. But on the Interne a territory that is altogether larger than Linkedin. Let’s not forget that from an SEO point of view, social networks will not improve your positions on Google. Let’s add that the social traffic gained by your content shares, (from a site if you have one) only represents a small part of your traffic in general.

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Social traffic should not exceed in my opinion 15% of your overall traffic . The most important in SEO being organic traffic and referral traffic from your backlinks. I refer you to this post to learn more about the subject: The different sources of web traffic to India Phone Number List exploit for your SEO . So do not get used to producing content on Linkedin because without a website, it is for Linkedin that you will produce it in a certain sense. You will feed the social network with content because that is all it expects from you. On the other hand , we must not lose sight of our objective, which should lead us to emerge on Linkedin.

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Note You cannot draw blood from a turnip! This little saying simply means that you have to know how to rest and recharge your batteries to find inspiration. Not everyone is overflowing with inspiration and dealing with a substantive subject takes time BTC Database AS  and practice. There comes a time when the mind is empty and nothing can come out of it at that time! So produce to produce no. Content to publish on Linkedin to stand out and emerge If by content we mean the slightest letter or word written on Linkedin, then the ROI content on Linkedin remains the open question . Asking your network a question to open a debate can.

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