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With Smart Shopping, Google itself gets to work with optimizations, which saves a lot of time. On the other hand, you give up power that you don’t know what is happening. So keep a close eye on your CPCs, impressions and CPA. You can remove bad-performing products and exclude search terms to purify your campaign.

This story also applies to the standard Shopping Ads, but here you can still ‘play’ with your bid per product. You can also bid on target groups such as specific industries or on people who have previously visited your website (remarketing). Even adding a customer list is an option, where Google will search for similar people. The manual optimizations are therefore a bit more extensive here, the only question is whether you should want that. It takes a lot of time and you do not have the option to also use your products as a display advertisement.

Getting started with Google Shopping?

All in all, a great project. It is doable, but requires some time and effort. In addition to linking the accounts and product feeds, you also have to make sure that your products really stand out. This often requires optimizations to the products in your webshop. Depending on the size of VP Audit Email Lists your webshop, this can take a lot of time. Well, then you also have something! As far as I’m concerned, Google Shopping is here to stay and increasingly important in the (beginning) orientation of the potential customer.

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7 tips: How do you get the most out of your Google Shopping?

  1. Provide a striking and clear photo. Your product should be eye-catching for the best CTR.
  2. Provide clear SEO terms that also provide search results for generic or long-tail terms. Think of the general search for products without a clear article name or a specific title with type numbers for TVs.
  3. Provide a clear description and as many fields as possible in your product feed.
  4. Choose a clear division in your products (based on product groups, sales potential, margins or something else) and don’t show everything in the big heap.
  5. Test with Smart Shopping/Performance Max campaigns for any increase in results.
  6. View the data of your product groups such as benchmark CPCs to see if your bid is right, impression percentages to see if you are being shown well and benchmark CTR to see if your products stand out.
  7. Duplicate your campaigns to Bing Ads to increase your reach.

To ask? Let us know in a comment below this article. I’d be happy to help you!

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